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Halliburton on the other hand had lack of uniformity in their logistics process especially in areas like importation of goods, country movement tracking of items and measurement of performance for these activities. To change this, the challenges encountered by prolonged approval timeline were presented to Management, with its consequences and effect on the business document. thesis template mcgill There must be a need — this includes desire to improve customer service, both internal and external, desire to do business better, achieve results quicker and improve their current processes. Upon confirmation of the validity and reliability of the tools and techniques of Lean Six Sigma, the rationale behind the investigative questions were then discussed with the aim of understanding the reasons for asking these questions upon which conclusions are drawn and recommendations made to any organisation that seeks to achieve success through process improvement and standardization and continuously improving same with the deployment of the proven tools and techniques of Lean Six Sigma, LSS.

It has since grown to become one of the major providers of products and services to the oil and gas industry. Further in the research, these questions will be addressed more directly in form of questionnaire with the project teams of each company with the view of capturing the entire views of each team member. phd thesis writing jokes Define The problems encountered and goals to be achieved upon successful implementation of LSS were clearly communicated across the organisation, as shown in an e-mail excerpt sent by the steering committee lead. Once the individual tools are applied the way they should be to a system, whether waste elimination or value stream mapping, the results are bound to be positive. The application of what has been learnt with Halliburton and Chevron will be applied to the supply chain processes of Oando Energy Resources, making this choice the best especially the fact that the researcher has the flexibility to deduce facts from data gathered and establish a new discovery.

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Train key contact person and communicate the change in process. This model frowns at outspoken criticism and ensures answers are given within the shift and resultant actions are implemented within the week. He advised walking the talk, and feeling the walk. Skip to main content.

My recommendation will be that once the processes to be improved are identified, the quick fixes should be implemented first to serve as a form of encouragement to the team, driving home the fact that indeed the tools and techniques do work. Corporate Profile [Online], Available at: At this point the researcher begins to identify problems, which when solved will create an improvement in the area being researched, as well as concepts that are able to help understand the situations presented. To create value, the following must be done: It was also discovered that a lot of requisition rights were not being used and this was costing the organisation a lot.

Memo 1 — Communication to staff — Defining the Process Standardization process. Words like, replicability or repeatability are commonplace when the concept of reliability is being discussed, and according to Kirk and Miller, , cited in Golafshani, , quantitative research refers to three types of reliability; a. The stability of this same measurement over a period of time, and c. The tools have been proven and tested with two companies in the oil servicing and production sectors of the oil and gas industries, leading to ascertaining their reliability and confirming their validity with another company in the same industry.

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The main reason for deployment is to reduce the cycle time in their production and supply chain processes, increase bottom-up efficiencies and also help their strategic suppliers achieve same. Once we identify these 5 processes, the team will now take a structured approach in re-engineering these processes by: This flexibility gives room for small interview sessions because each one is in-depth with small sample size, making it unlikely to depict the true representation of a particular population.

Hello all, To make our approval processes more efficient, the SC team has modified the non-Tender Board award below N10M or its equivalent award recommendation procedure. First project must be completed within 6months, the second mnths and the third, months. descriptive research method thesis Creates an agenda for Employs statistical change or reform. This is called value lining up.

Advancing knowledge to transform lives. Power of social comparison, is a strong factor in attitude forming achieved by having the staff surrounded by a good number of people with the desired attitude who can then influence them to develop the right attitude. essay editing software soundtrack Why did your company decide to implement Lean Six Sigma LSS and what improvement has been recorded in the supply chain process? Gave the business more bargaining power with the supplier unlike the previous occurrence where cost increase occurs as a result of scope variation. The structure of the research will also be discussed to give clear understanding of the aims, objectives and methodology to be applied in discussing the topic and finding relevant solutions to problems identified.

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It has since grown to become one of the major providers of products and services to the oil and gas industry. At Halliburton, the first significant result was achieved about nine months after the application of the lean tools and techniques to their logistics process. Inquiry strategies such as surveys and experiments are deployed to collect data using certain instruments which help to develop statistical data. These can vary depending on the research degree you are undertaking.

With the success recorded, similar tools and techniques will now be applied to the current supply chain processes within another oil and gas exploration and production organisation, Oando Energy Resources. To overcome these barriers, six initiatives are deployed in the transformation process: To create value, the following must be done: Train key contact person and communicate the change in process.

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